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How do I block Internet Access with IEProtect ?
Quick start Guide to Password Protect a website
1) Install IEProtect and launch it by clicking corresponding icon  
2) Select blocked websites access password
A password selection dialog will open
3) Type in a password of your choice and click "OK" button.
4) Click "Add Site" button on the toolbar. 
A dialog prompt asking you to enter a website address or a keyword will appear. If you want to password protect full website enter the full domain name in a form ""; if you just want to password protect multiple sites based on a keyword in URL, enter the keyword.
5) Click "Apply button on the toolbar.
6) Close all active windows of Internet Explorer. Start a fresh instance of Internet Explorer. Type in a blocked URL or domain name.
7) A prompt asking for a password will appear. Enter the same password selected in step 2. The browser will continue to load and display the site.  
8) Repeat step 6. Enter a random password. Depending on the settings the browser will be forwarded either to abouit:blank page or to the blocked logo page.







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