How to Block Internet Access with IEProtect








1) Set home page of Internet Explorer to about:blank You may do so by right clicking on the Internet Explorer icon and under "Internet Properties" tab clicking "Use Blank" button. Click Apply button when the changes are made,
2) If you have not done that already, select blocked websites access password. Usually this password is set when you run IEProtect for the first time.
3) Type in a password of your choice and click "OK" button.
4) Click "Add Site" button on the toolbar. 
A dialog prompt asking you to enter a website address or a keyword will appear. Add http in the list of blocked sites
5) Click "Apply button on the toolbar.
Now when a user is trying to visit an internet address a password dialog will appear. IF a correct password is entered, the user will be able to browse Internet in this Internet Explorer window. If a wrong password is entered, the user will be asked to type in a correct password again. If "Cancel" button is pressed the user will be forwarded to a blocked info page.







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